Our Methodology

Konektamundo uses the Process Communication Model® (PCM) to intensely analyse the personality type of potential employees, ensuring they are matched with jobs which complement their personality traits. This ensures that employers get staff who are a perfect cultural fit, increasing staff productivity, reducing workplace tensions and drastically improving staff retention.  PCM is a scientifically proven strategy which has been used by NASA to hire astronauts for over 40 years and was also used by Bill Clinton to improve his communication skills during his presidential campaign.

Konektamundo is changing the way people think about recruitment

While organisational and managerial psychology has advanced in leaps and bounds and is successfully implemented by many businesses, the vast majority of recruitment companies have not evolved to incorporate these exciting new tools. By using the most advanced techniques, we are able to deliver superior results, placing candidates in jobs that make them excited to get out of bed every day and providing employers with employees who fit perfectly with the company culture.

Konktamundo principal Denham Holmes is a fully accredited Process Communication Model® (PCM) provider and uses this scientifically proven methodology to match candidates to jobs that are fully compatible with their unique personality type.

Every candidate we place in a job has been individually assessed using the PCM model in order to ensure the job is a good match for them both professionally and personally. When we place a candidate with a company, we will also provide a full personality profile to ensure that the employer deeply understands their new hire and is able to effectively communicate with them.

What is the Process Communication Model® (PCM)?

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is a scientifically validated method of identifying and deeply understanding personality structures, as well as anticipating how individuals will respond to specific situations and how they communicate. This award winning methodology is the culmination of over 30 years of research and has been successfully used by over a million people on five continents, with multiple applications in both business and personal contexts. In fact, the PCM methodology is so successful that it is used by NASA to hire astronauts whose personality type is most likely to stand up to the rigorous demands of space travel. It was also the methodology of choice for Bill Clinton during his first presidential campaign and allowed him to identify with voters and communicate more effectively.

The PCM method is based on extensive research which has discovered that everybody has a ‘base’ personality type which is static, as well as a dynamic personality structure which includes all six personality types in different amounts. Each of the six personality types:

  • Perceives the world differently
  • Has a preferred way of communicating
  • Has certain character strengths
  • Has a preferred interaction style
  • Has unique psychological and motivational needs .
  • Reacts in a predictable manner when faced with stressful situations

PCM profiling can show:

  • Personality structure
  • Character strengths
  • Perceptual preferences and ability to shift their point of view
  • Potential compatible and incompatible personality types
  • What motivates people personally and professionally
  • What an individual is likely to do in situations of distress

By deeply understanding a candidate’s personality type, as well as each company in our portfolio, we are able to expertly match people to jobs with which they are highly compatible. The result is that employers receive employees who flourish in their job, contribute positively to the company culture and stay in their job for longer. Candidates benefit by being placed in a job that they love, which fulfils them both personally and professionally.

Konektamundo is a leader in the recruitment space by applying PCM to recruitment to deliver exceptional service to both job seekers and employers.


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