Our Team

Denham Holmes


Denham Holmes is a seasoned professional who has over 20 years’ management experience in medium to large businesses in Australia. He started his career in sales and progressed to work in a wide variety of management roles before making the transition to recruitment.

However, Denham doesn’t rely solely on his people management experience and the requirements of employers in order to recruit the best staff. What makes his approach unique and much more effective than that of other recruiters is his training in the Process Communication Model® (PCM).

As one of the very few certified Process Communication Providers in Australia, Denham is able to offer his clients a completely unique recruitment service. His training as a behaviour and communication coach allows him to communicate clearly with both job seekers and employers to ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly and efficiently. Denham is passionate about combining his experience with his unique skills in assessing personality traits and structures to provide tailored recruitment solutions that benefit both jobseekers and employers.

Melissa Burt

Marketing Director

Melissa is a skilful, strategic-thinking 20-year Marketing veteran from the FMCG and Retail industries. Melissa has worked across a number of high profile international brands within Asia, Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the food & beverage sector before joining recruitment.

Melissa has had experience in the start-up world in addition to providing marketing consulting to SME’s. She has a genuine passion for joining the dots across seemingly unrelated industries in order to come up with new and exciting ideas. Melissa is a calculated risk-taker driven by her motto “you’re a long time dead!” and dedicated to finding new ways of delivering win-win outcomes in the recruitment industry.


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