Imaginers are calm, reflective and imaginative. They have a talent for delving into complex and complicated matters and grasping their meaning. They live a major part of their life within. Very often they are skilled with their hands. They like gardening and working in their basement or shed while letting their thoughts wander and linger. They use routine manual labour as a means to withdraw and be by themselves. They are able to deal with scientific, philosophical or literary issues, having inner dialogues all by themselves and contemplating a subject from all possible angles. Appearances don’t mean much to them – very often they don’t even notice them. The classical caricature of an Imaginer is the absent-minded professor, looking for his glasses, which are perched on his forehead, while wondering whether reality really exists out there or is just a figment of our imagination. Reflecting so thoroughly and deeply, they are able to grasp aspects of a problem that escape the superficial observer. They excel in free and imaginative chains of thought and explore the jungle of their ruminations.

If asked to share their thoughts, their eloquence is often a surprise, since they are not usually talkative. To recharge, they need ample time and space for themselves, quite unlike Thinkers, who are very conscious of planning and using their time. When Imaginers are deep in thought they sometimes forget about time. If someone reminds them in a direct, concise way, they don’t mind at all, and even appreciate being directed. Imaginers are sometimes underrated by others because they rarely step forward to present themselves. They are indeed ‘still waters’ that ‘run deep’.

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