Jobseeker Testimonials

“Nice to see someone so professional and so understanding of the industry which is vary rare.” – Suharto Demiroski

“I connected with Denham after coming back after years abroad. He assisted me through my job search process. He was most professional, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work, not to mention has an incredible network and always goes the extra mile for his clients. I couldn’t recommend him more for those looking to recruit, or seeking a new employment opportunity.” – Kate Schattner

“Denham and the team at Konektamundo have been a great agency to work with. Couldn’t recommend them more!” – Shannon Baldwin

“You would have to be one of the true professionals out there” – Ben Burrell

“Friendly and easy to deal with, super helpful and professional with what they do!” – Ryland O’Brien

“Undoubtedly the most professional recruitment specialist in his field. Has always come through for me and various people I have referred to the Konektamundo service. If you want a tailored approach and ongoing support I highly recommend Denham.” – Leo Guyer

“Denham is a very professional individual and has great experience within the automotive industry. It was a pleasure dealing with Denham as he is easy going and has your best interest at heart. I highly recommend Konektamundo and Denham for all your recruitment needs.” – Jas Brar

“Denham is very professional and will help you with your needs and goals. He is easy to talk to and is one of the most genuine people I’ve come across. I can’t thank Denham enough for helping me get a job and how quick he made it happen. I highly recommend him and his work!” – Dana S

“Well Mr D Holmes thank you for being the consummate Professional throughout my process in finding the right recruitment Agency that would help me find a new employment opportunity back in Brisbane I would have no hesitation in recommending Denham and Konektamundo to anyone looking to find employment or recruiting as an employee Denham was a pleasure to deal with and talk to and the most caring person but most of all has your personal interests at heart Once again Denham Thanks for finding and representing myself in my current Job Role.” – James Malone

“Unfortunately there not enough stars or else I would have given you all of them. Mr Denham is an incredible professional but above all a fantastic human being. When no one wanted to give me a chance, he stepped in and helped me get my dream job through interview training and confidence building. I can’t thank you enough Mr Denham and I 100 % recommend your services! Keep it up!” – Brice Danre