Our Unique Approach to Engagement and Recruitment

Welcome to Konektamundo, where we transform workplace culture and recruitment using our unique tools: the Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM).

Our PCM-based approach enhances communication which in turn boosts engagement and simplifies recruitment. We identify the perfect fit for your organization by understanding candidates’ communication style, motivation, and personality traits.

With TEAM, we help individuals and teams manage emotions effectively, fostering stronger relationships and better leaders. It’s about practicing emotional awareness and self-expression, enabling individuals and teams to connect more deeply with others.

Our methods are simple yet powerful, designed to resonate with everyone. Eager to see these transformations in your organisation? Connect with Konektamundo today!


We’re all about cultivating a thriving workplace culture through our distinctive tools: the Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM).

At the heart of our engagement strategy is PCM, a revolutionary communication tool that helps teams understand each other better. Think of it as a new language that bridges the gap between different communication styles, making teamwork not just easy, but enjoyable too!

Alongside PCM, we have TEAM – our secret weapon for emotional management. It’s not just about recognising our feelings, but expressing them confidently. With TEAM, we create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, leading to stronger relationships and a happier workplace.

Our approach is designed to be both engaging and simple. It’s crafted with the curiosity of a child in mind, making learning fun and accessible. Yet, it also resonates with the strategic mindset of a C-suite executive, offering practical solutions to complex workplace challenges.

Eager to see these transformations in your organisation? Reach out to us at Konektamundo today and let’s start the journey towards a more engaged and harmonious workplace!


Our distinctive tools, the Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM), are the key to our unique approach.

With PCM, we revolutionise the recruitment process. Imagine being able to identify a candidate’s communication style, motivations, and personality traits before they even step into your office. It’s like having a superpower that ensures you always find the perfect fit for your team!

But we don’t stop at hiring. TEAM comes into play once the new recruits join, helping them build emotional intelligence, manage their feelings, and express themselves openly. It’s like learning a new language that helps everyone understand each other better.

Our methods are easy enough for anyone to grasp and sophisticated enough to impress a C-suite executive. We turn recruitment from a daunting task into an exciting journey of discovery. Intrigued to experience this transformation in your recruitment process? Connect with us at Konektamundo today!


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