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Denham Holmes


Denham Holmes is the owner and founder of Konektamundo, a recruitment business based in Australia that focuses on recruiting the right people for its clients. He has over two decades of management experience in medium to large businesses throughout Australia and draws upon this knowledge when placing candidates with employers.

In addition to his wealth of management expertise, Denham also holds certifications in three leading emotional intelligence programs; Process Communication Model®, Emotional Assertiveness® and Neuro Encoding®. This makes him one of a select few recruitment professionals able to offer recruitment services tailored to both employers’ technical as well as cultural fit needs.

Denham is passionate about creating successful recruitment outcomes for clients and jobseekers alike by helping organisations secure sustainable candidates and providing an individualised recruitment experience. His expertise in emotional intelligence coaching enables him to tailor recruitment experiences for both employers and job seekers, ensuring the right match on all levels.


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