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Denham Holmes


Meet, Denham Holmes. He’s not just the Director of Konektamundo, but also a certified trainer in the Process Communication Model® (PCM), The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM)® and a Neuroencoding Specialist® . With these certifications under his belt, Denham brings a unique perspective to the world of recruitment and people & culture.

Denham’s passion for understanding people led him to delve into the world of Emotional Intelligence. This journey resulted in him becoming a certified trainer in PCM, a powerful tool that helps people understand and improve their communication skills.

But he didn’t stop there. Denham also pursued certification in TEAM, a model that helps individuals express themselves confidently and respectfully. This knowledge allows him to guide job seekers and employers alike in building successful relationships.

With over a decade of experience in HR consultancy, career coaching, sales, and marketing, Denham uses his expertise to make Konektamundo stand out from the crowd. We are the only recruitment agency certified to deliver training in PCM and TEAM making us a unique player in the recruitment space.

So, when you choose to work with Konektamundo, you’re not just getting a recruitment service. You’re getting a partner who understands people, communication, and emotional intelligence. And that’s what makes Konektamundo different.

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