Emotional Assertiveness® will give you the skills and empower you to achieve WIN-WIN outcomes and is the secret weapon to unlocking your Emotional Intelligence potential. We currently offer two EA training courses, conducted by our principal, Denham Holmes who is a certified EA provider.


This course is offered as 6 x 2:30 hr sessions over 3 weeks. In this course, you’ll learn how to be in touch with what is most healthy in your emotional expressions and to extinguish those behaviours that lead to unproductive competitiveness and conflict. You’ll learn to:

  • Be more aware of your and other people’s emotions.
  • Develop your people skills by managing varying emotions.
  • Encourage cooperation and teamwork through group development.
  • Identify unhealthy behaviours in communicating.
  • Develop stronger, more meaningful relationships.
  • Become more assertive.

To register for a course, contact us here.

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 We are a certified Emotional Assertiveness® (EA) Provider