Coaching Testimonials

“I would like to share my story with you and how Denham has helped me go through it for the past 9 months. I got recommended Denham by a friend and I’m so grateful she did so. Back in January, I was going through a very rough patch which I had never experienced before in my life. I was lost, and sad, I had no vision or direction of where I was heading with my life. Denham came at the right time at the right moment. We spoke on the phone, so he could get an understanding of my situation and he immediately discovered what my “issue” was and it was like a revelation, like a “aha’ moment. Denham and I kept in contact since then, he reached out to me a few times to check on me and my progress. I’m not saying it’s been an easy journey for me, but thanks to Denham’s support and motivation. I have been getting better and better every single day, week and month. I am now at a stage where I think that I can do and be anything I want to be. I am turning up every day and that’s thanks to Denham because he hit a very delicate spot, and since then I never looked back. I am not afraid of failure anymore, I love myself so much more and I learned that happiness is a journey and not a destination. Be happy every day and you will see miracles happen. I highly recommend Denham as a mentor, coach, and even more than that. He is an incredible and generous person. I will be always grateful for the positive impact he had and is still having on me. Thank you Denham! MP” – Marco

“Denham is an incredible coach who I’ve had the privilege to work with. Our time together has been invaluable, and his guidance has significantly improved my life.

I am deeply appreciative of all that he has done. His unwavering support and remarkable patience are unparalleled. Denham possesses an extraordinary gift of empathy and non-judgment, which is truly commendable. The privilege of knowing him has been an absolute blessing.

His work radiates compassion, kindness, and empathy. With unwavering professionalism, he fosters a safe environment for healing and personal growth. When it comes to helping me navigate my relationship issues, his impact is beyond measure.” – Lisa, Sydney

“Denham is one of the kindest and most emotionally intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Receiving guidance and support from him has been a tremendous part of my personal growth journey. Denham has the ability to listen intently to what’s being said, and intuitively knows how to respond with the appropriate guidance. Denham is loving, but also firm, and backs everything he does with an incredible amount of integrity and faith. he leads with his heart but always takes his brain with him, and he is excellent at teaching others to do the same. Denham is one of my favourite people on this planet and knowing him has been a blessing.” – Stefany, Miami Florida

“Denham is a great listener and very perceptive. Through our discussions, he has helped me learn self-love and compassion, which has transformed my life for the better. I am happier and more confident now that I have the tools to achieve my goals and navigate through life’s challenges.” – Madeline, Sydney

“Denham, you’ve truly opened up a new world for me. You’ve opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities of trying new things. Journaling? It never crossed my mind, but now I’m excited to grab a pen and paper and experience the personal growth it brings. And volunteering? That’s unexpected! Never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually excited to donate some of my time. I know it’ll bring so much value and joy to my life. Our conversation today was truly transformative. Your ability to comprehend others is remarkable. It’s as if you can perceive beyond the surface and grasp the essence of what drives us. It’s truly inspiring and something I strive to achieve. So, thank you, Denham. I am excited to commence this journey.” – Sam, Brisbane