At Konektamundo, we understand that redundancy can often feel like an overwhelming and lonely journey. We believe in partnering with organisations to ensure that they have the resources, tools and support needed during times of downsizing.

Allow us to help you and your team on their path to strength and resilience with the right emotional and practical support. We will make sure that each person is equipped to confidently face this difficult period in their life. Contact us today.


Bouncing back from job loss can be challenging, but with Konektamundo’s outplacement services, you have a reliable partner to help. Groundbreaking EQ methodologies revolutionise our approach to career transition services, transforming the way we support employees who have been made redundant. In simpler terms, think of Konektamundo as a dependable compass guiding your outplaced employees through the forest of career transition.

Firstly, we utilise the Process Communication Model (PCM) as part of our comprehensive corporate outplacement solutions. Recognising that just as fingerprints are unique, so too are individual personality ‘maps’. PCM enables us to devise personalised strategies for managing emotions and stress in the context of employee redundancy support.

In addition, there’s The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM), a practical and systematic method for expressing feelings and needs openly and honestly. It’s akin to learning a new language, but this one focuses on healthy and productive emotional expression.

So, what does this mean for outplaced candidates using our outplacement services? It ensures they’re equipped with the emotional skills needed to navigate job loss and bounce back more rapidly. They’ll be able to manage emotions, advocate for their needs and carry these skills into future roles, becoming more resilient and effective. Supporting employees with Konektamundo’s career transition services means giving them the gift of emotional resilience – a game-changer in employee redundancy support.


Konektamundo’s unique EQ methodologies – The Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM) – are at the heart of our outplacement services, offering unparalleled support for resume writing and interview preparation. Picture a well-crafted resume, full of the unique charisma of its owner, whispering the story of their talents, and speaking directly to the heart of an employer. That’s the magic of PCM, a key element in our career transition services. It helps candidates weave their skills and experiences into a compelling narrative, making every resume an irresistible read.

In addition, TEAM, a crucial part of our employee redundancy support, boosts confidence for interviews beyond measure. Imagine walking into the interview room, equipped not just with your qualifications, but also armed with a deep understanding of your emotional responses and an ability to assert them positively. That’s what TEAM does. It provides candidates with the tools to understand their own emotions, manage them constructively, and communicate effectively under stress.

Ultimately, Konektamundo’s corporate outplacement solutions are revolutionising HR, empowering job seekers to showcase their best selves, and enabling HR leaders to discover the hidden gems among candidates. This, in turn, adds significant value to your Outplacement strategy, giving you an edge over others in talent acquisition. It’s as simple as pie, yet as profound as the human potential it uncovers.


Our Outplacement Services at Konektamundo revolutionise the way candidates navigate their Career Transition journey. Our groundbreaking strategy integrates the Process Communication Model (PCM) and the Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM), providing an enhanced platform for job-seekers in today’s competitive market.

PCM operates like your personal career consultant. This innovative part of our Outplacement Services assists individuals in identifying their unique talents and capabilities, leveraging these assets in their job search. It eschews a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, designing a personalised strategy that aligns with the individual’s unique profile.

In the face of Employee Redundancy, emotional resilience is crucial. That’s where our TEAM model comes in. It serves as the motivational ally that helps individuals bounce back from the setback of redundancy, reinstating confidence and spurring renewed determination in the pursuit of new job opportunities.

Collectively, PCM and TEAM form an impactful duo within our Corporate Outplacement Solutions. They empower candidates in their career transition, instilling a sense of purpose and self-assuredness in their job search. As an HR leader, collaborating with Konektamundo for Employee Redundancy Support not only provides a beneficial solution for your transitioning employees, but also bolsters your organisation’s reputation for caring about employee welfare.


Leverage Konektamundo’s unique EQ methodologies, PCM and TEAM, to enrich your outplacement services. These groundbreaking tools, a part of our corporate outplacement solutions, can have a profound influence on empowering your outplaced candidates and facilitating career transition services. PCM benefits candidates by letting them understand and manage their communication styles, leading to more effective interactions.

However, it is not only about making connections; it is also about nurturing and maintaining them. In this aspect, the TEAM framework plays a vital role. This powerful tool empowers individuals to effectively manage their emotional responses, enabling them to showcase their best selves even in high-pressure situations. By equipping candidates with assertiveness in expressing their emotions, TEAM proves to be invaluable in networking scenarios.

Our EQ methodologies are devised to navigate the intricate maze of employee redundancy support effectively. Partnering with Konektamundo means equipping candidates with the resources needed to cultivate enduring, meaningful relationships with employers. This significantly augments their chances of successfully securing their next role in their career transition journey.


At Konektamundo, our Outplacement Services are aimed at empowering your outplaced candidates with our pioneering EQ methodologies – the Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM).

Imagine transforming your professionals facing employee redundancy into confident, assertive communicators who can articulate their thoughts with clarity and conviction. That’s precisely what PCM and TEAM offer within our Career Transition Services. PCM allows individuals to gain profound insights into their communication style and understand the perspectives of others. In contrast, TEAM encourages respectful yet vibrant self-expression.

We’re not just dealing with theoretical concepts here but practical Corporate Outplacement Solutions that can be applied in real-life situations, such as job interviews. With our training, your outplaced candidates will not only be able to showcase their skills confidently but also outshine their competition. The result? A smoother transition to new roles and enhanced employability, bringing a positive impact on their career trajectory. In essence, our Employee Redundancy Support is designed to help your outplaced staff communicate better and improve their chances of securing that next big opportunity.


At Konektamundo, we are proud to offer Outplacement Services with a unique approach to personal development, especially during periods of career transition. Our hands-on and practical strategies are invaluable during these moments of change. The resources we provide, namely the Process Communication Model (PCM) and the Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM), are straightforward, yet highly effective methods that act as a personal development GPS. Much like a GPS guides you in unknown terrains, our Career Transition Services with the PCM and TEAM models help individuals navigate their emotions, enhancing emotional intelligence. These models equip outplaced candidates with a better understanding of their reactions and those of others.

With the help of our Employee Redundancy Support, candidates grow more self-aware and emotionally adept. They become proficient at managing their feelings, understanding their needs, and empathising with others. This proficiency aids them in handling change more efficiently and also benefits their relationships, bolsters self-confidence, and fuels creativity.

The Konektamundo difference lies in shifting individuals from feeling lost to feeling empowered. For HR leaders, it’s more than just providing a lifeline. It’s about offering our Corporate Outplacement Solutions that equip candidates with the right tools to captain their own ship. This approach can make a profound difference.

The Konektamundo difference? Shifting from feeling lost to feeling empowered. For HR leaders, it means providing more than just a lifeline. It’s giving candidates the tools to sail their own ship, which can make a world of difference.


At Konektamundo, we pride ourselves on providing leading Outplacement Services and Career Transition Services. As forward-thinking HR leaders, you understand the importance of employee wellbeing, even when they’re navigating the uncertain waters of redundancy.

Our innovative Emotional Intelligence methodologies ensure that your employees receive more than just traditional Employee Redundancy Support. They are provided with unique resources to manage their emotional wellbeing effectively.

Incorporating our Process Communication Model (PCM) and The Emotional Assertiveness Model (TEAM), our Corporate Outplacement Solutions aim to assist individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of their emotional reactions. PCM offers insights into the unique personality structures of individuals, enabling them to comprehend why they react in certain ways under stress. On the other hand, TEAM provides practical tools for expressing feelings in a healthy and assertive manner.

With these techniques, your outplaced employees can build robust emotional resilience. They can confidently ride the emotional tides of redundancy, significantly improving their mental health. This emotional strength will make them more attractive to potential employers, accelerating their job search and facilitating their transition. Through Konektamundo’s Outplacement Services, you’re not just assisting your employees in finding their next role; you’re giving them essential emotional skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.