The Emotional Assertiveness Model® is a groundbreaking approach that provides practical tools to interpret emotions and use them as valuable information. It is the think person’s guide to emotional intelligence and offers an easy-to-grasp guide through primary emotions.

Developed by John Parr MSc, the Emotional Assertiveness Model® is one of the few models that can help you develop your emotional intelligence to its fullest potential. Our program gives you access to a wealth of resources, including practical tools, to help you understand your emotions and express them most productively.

Assertiveness is a key communication skill that requires emotional maturity. It involves expressing one’s thoughts, needs, and desires clearly and confidently while remaining respectful of the boundaries set by others. This means being able to stand up for what you believe in, ask for what you want, and respectfully decline things you do not want – all without compromising your comfort or emotional well-being.

Emotions are integral components of our human experience, serving as powerful tools to communicate effectively and keep us happy. People with strong emotional intelligence can use their emotions to navigate the interpersonal environment with more ease, resulting in greater success in building relationships. This increased effectiveness extends beyond the individual and can have a positive effect on the team as a whole, and in turn, the entire organization.

Emotional Assertiveness® is a powerful tool for making sure that your true feelings are heard and understood, without causing harm or creating conflict. By utilizing Emotional Assertiveness®, we can turn potentially difficult conversations into positive opportunities for growth and understanding. This allows us to cultivate lasting relationships that are built on mutual respect, trust, and emotional support. Emotional Assertiveness®


Emotional Assertiveness® is a powerful tool for understanding, expressing and reclaiming our emotional homeostatic position of happiness. Through the Emotional Assertiveness® Feelings Wheel, we can recognise and acknowledge our feelings in the moment, allowing us to express ourselves authentically – with happiness as the core emotion.

The Emotional Assertiveness® Feelings Wheel visualizes four primary emotions: happiness at its centre, along with fear, anger and sadness flowing around it. It also represents a timeline; on the left side lies our past experiences and on the right side lies our future expectations. This diagram illustrates how these emotions ebb and flow from one another – all starting from happiness, through arousal and anger, and finally seeking to return to being happy.

By recognising and expressing our emotions promptly, Emotional Assertiveness® helps us rediscover our emotional homeostatic position of happiness. This is the key to achieving a life of emotional well-being and true joy. Emotional Assertiveness® enables us to move towards living in the present moment with an awakened sense of purpose – without becoming anxious or depressed. It’s time to unlock your inner power with Emotional Assertiveness®!


Emotional Assertiveness® is the thinking persons guide to being emotional and is anchored in 4 pillars.

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