Looking for a communication methodology that can transform employee and client engagement? Look no further than the Process Communication Model (PCM). PCM is based on the understanding that every individual processes information and communicates in their unique way, and identifies six personality types that manifest in different combinations and bandwidths in every person. By recognising and understanding these different personality types, individuals can tailor their communication styles to be more effective and avoid conflicts based on communication style differences.

One of the key benefits of PCM is that it recognises sequential distress patterns, enabling individuals to proactively mitigate conflicts. This approach helps increase empathy, improve communication efficiency, and strengthen relationships both personally and professionally. Unlike other methodologies, PCM does not stereotype individuals based on personality types and recognises that everyone possesses all six types to varying degrees.

In fact, PCM has been so successful that even NASA has used it to train astronauts and ground crew in effective communication. PCM has proven to be a game changer in transforming communication and engagement within NASA and beyond.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise your organisation’s communication and engagement with the power of PCM. Start using this evidence-based approach today and see the positive impact it can have on your employees and clients.

Click on the personality types below for an overview of each personality type.


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