Welcome to the world of Imaginers, one of the six personality types identified by the Process Communication Model (PCM). Every individual processes information and communicates in their unique way, and PCM recognises and understands these differences to help individuals tailor their communication styles and avoid conflicts based on communication style differences. Imaginers are calm, reflective individuals with a talent for complex problem-solving and a love for introspection and manual labour. To connect and engage with an Imaginer, it’s important to understand that they prefer to recharge with ample time and space to themselves. They enjoy philosophical or literary discussions and exploring their ideas from all possible angles. Imaginers may not be talkative but when they do speak, their eloquence is often impressive. To communicate with an Imaginer, try using direct and concise language. It’s essential to remind them about time if needed in a direct and concise way. Using PCM can help you tailor your communication style to connect and strengthen relationships with Imaginers both personally and professionally. With PCM, you can recognise and understand the different personality types, including Imaginers, and adapt your communication style accordingly to avoid conflicts and improve relationships. So why not explore the world of Imaginers today?

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