Rebels add colour, spice and fun to our lives. Whether eight or 80 years old, Rebels are masters of the art of having a fun time. They work playfully and are at their best when free to use their creativity and apply unconventional methods. They are good at finding unusual solutions to a problem and ‘thinking outside the box’. They need playful contact and are ingenious in getting it. Like colourful butterflies, they are constantly on the move, absorbing stimulation and inspiration like a sponge. They react spontaneously to people and situations and leave no-one in any doubt whether they like something or not. They hate boredom and like toys of all kinds. With their good sense of humour, Rebels are gifted comedians and always ready to have a ball, enjoying amusing, unusual and unconventional situations.

Even when Rebels are not at their desk (they like to move a lot), it is easy to identify: toys, like a mechanical tin mouse, an iPod, colourful decorations and posters or funny mottos and the funkiest screensaver around speak volumes about the kind of person who works and plays here. Sometimes Rebels have to fit in with a dress code, maybe a suit or a company uniform. Not to worry – they’ll use their ‘discretion’ when it comes to ties, socks or underwear to add their personal touch!

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