Thinkers are very responsible and reliable. They have an analytical mind and collect facts, data, and numbers, which they use for clearly defined goals. They excel in drawing logical conclusions, categorising data and organising information. They work hard to achieve: formulating goals, planning the steps to get there, preparing a schedule and organising their activities to succeed. For them, time is not merely a phenomenon that comes and goes but a significant factor in their lives. They plan their days, weeks, months and years and use time efficiently. For Thinkers, it is not only the ultimate in politeness to be on time, but essential for efficiency. In their professional lives, they value good tools, a place for everything and colleagues who are reliable and work effectively and intelligently.

Thinkers like to dress in a way that suits their work as well as their position. A director or chief executive Thinker likes to dress according to rank, yet would refuse even the classiest outfit if it did not have pockets for a mobile phone, pen and glasses or did not coordinate with their elegant briefcase. Their prime motivation for keeping up the good work is recognition of their performance, time structure, good ideas and suggestions. They earn certificates and diplomas and are proud of them, exhibiting them neatly and symmetrically in their office or workplace. They appreciate money and perceive a good income as recognition of their achievements.

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