Looking for employees who are not only awesome at their jobs, but are also a perfect cultural fit for your company?

We understand that recruiting a new employee is a big decision for a company and a lot of time, money and effort goes into finding and training each new hire. That’s why we don’t take chances: we find employees who don’t just have the right qualifications and experience but also the right personality, communication style and motivations to complement your company culture and excel in their job. We interview every single candidate using our expertise in Process Communication Model® (PCM), before presenting them for consideration for any role. This allows us to create a comprehensive profile of each jobseeker before matching them to a job with which they are highly compatible. This also enables you to increase retention and productivity while enhancing your company culture. When we place a candidate with your company, you will receive a complete personality profile for that individual, providing you with information that will help you to get the most out of them as an employee and minimise miscommunication and conflict.

If you want scientifically selected candidates who are perfect for your company, contact us today.