At Konektamundo, recruitment is no longer just about finding a great candidate for an open position. We use the Process Communication Model® (PCM) and Emotional Assertiveness Model® to ensure that our recruitment process goes beyond simply putting a resume in front of the hiring manager. Instead, we seek to understand the unique needs and circumstances of each recruitment situation. PCM takes into account the emotional intelligence of the candidate and uses it to screen for potential misalignments between what the job requires and how the candidate can best contribute.

By focusing on recruitment from this holistic angle, Konektamundo can develop recruitment solutions that lead to successful placements and integrated relationships between the candidate, their new company, manager, and team. Our recruitment process is focused on finding the best-fit talent for each situation which allows us to deliver the highest quality recruitment outcomes. Konektamundo is seeking to transform recruitment with PCM and Emotional Assertiveness® so recruitment no longer is just a matter of finding the right candidate; it is about nurturing relationships and ensuring integration between the recruitment process, the candidate, and their new team.

We believe that by utilising PCM and Emotional Assertiveness® in recruitment we can achieve successful placements for both our candidates and clients. We are committed to providing a unique recruitment experience by creating integrated relationships. Konektamundo is striving to find the best-fit talent that will have a positive impact on everyone involved.

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