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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

The Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything I anticipated to see in my lifetime.  I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I would like to share the steps that I’ve taken to preserve my own mental state and focus during an incredibly difficult time for my family, my loved ones, and my business.   Put Your Oxygen Mask On First You might be feeling the pressure of “productivity porn” to instantly shift to working…


Talent Alert Brisbane – Automotive Technician

I just interviewed one of the best Technicians I have met all year and you really need to meet him! He’s not only the fastest Technician in his workshop, taking great pride in his repairs, he also has ZERO vehicles coming back for repeat repair!! If you’d like to know more about him, contact Denham Holmes on 0402 350 274 or via email at denham.holmes@konektamundo.com  


Talent Alert Melbourne – Automotive Sales Consultant

One of our best Melbourne-based Sales Consultants is ready for his next challenge! He’s ranked in the top 2 of his current dealership out of 20 salespeople and is someone you really need to meet. To find out more about how he can help drive more sales in your dealership, contact Denham Holmes on 0402 350 274 or via email at denham.holmes@konektamundo.com

Talent Alert Sydney – Marketing Director

One of the best Marketing Directors I’ve met this year! She has 25 Years’ Senior Marketing & Direct Sales experience in funds management for IPO’s, listed investment companies & trusts, supporting distribution, sales, and B2B, & generating revenue in the B2C channel. To find out more about how she can add value to your business, contact Denham Holmes on 0402 350 274 or denham.holmes@konektamundo.com


Talent Alert Sydney – Workshop Controller

If you need a seasoned, loyal and stable workshop controller with a proven track record of management on your team in Sydney, we have a stand-out workshop controller with 7 years of experience who you really need to meet! Please contact Denham on 0402 350 274 or via email at denham.holmes@konektamundo.com.

How Leaders Can Effectively Manage Stress in Your Sales Workplace

Working in sales can be stressful. From the pressure to convert, to meeting targets, to dealing with conflict, salespeople often feel the heat. An online Payscale survey confirms this, finding 73% of salespeople believed their job was highly stressful, making it the second most stressful job ranked in the survey. A highly stressed sales team does nothing to help your results. But there are plenty of things you can do to bring stresslevels down to…


Here’s how to retain your great salespeople

When you find a top-notch salesperson, the last thing you want is for them to leave. But for many managers, it’s a frustrating reality. While some employee attrition is natural (and at times, beneficial), the disruption can negatively impact your existing team, not to mention all the time and money you’ll spend recruiting new sales staff. Unfortunately, across all Australian industries, people are leaving their jobs in droves. Business Insider Australia reports one in seven…


Don’t shy away from workplace conflict – lean into it

Workplace conflict is something most of us will come up against at one time or another. The 2016 Snapshot of the Australian Workplace confirms this with over half of Aussie workers surveyed experiencing one or more serious instances of conflict (or closely related negative work experience). The costs of workplace conflict can be high. Employees who don’t see eye to eye aren’t interested in cooperating or collaborating. Staff who are unhappy also call in sick…


How to manage change in your organisation

In today’s fast-paced world, change and transformation are increasingly present within organisations. As one change programme ends, another begins. Somewhere along the way, change has become the norm. From advances in technology, to changes in organisational culture, or the development of new policies and processes, businesses will never be truly stagnant again. And change like this can be hard on employees. By nature, most of us are highly resistant to change. So, when it comes…


How can you create a company culture that attracts great employees?

Your salespeople are the beating heart of your company. But snagging the best-of-the-best is tricky. Simply posting a job ad and crossing your fingers won’t get you very far. There are a number of important things you can do to up your chances of enticing great candidates to apply for your sales job, even ones who aren’t necessarily looking! While you should be consistently working on making your company brand attractive, download our guide for six…